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Art Activities with Mrs. Pfel

From Mrs. Pfel:

I miss you and hope you are all doing well.  Make sure you take some time to be creative, use the links I have shared to learn more about art.



Week of May 18 --- 


Subscribe to Art With Mati & Dada's here: http://goo.gl/rSZO5c Mati and Dada discovers how VanGogh was an excellent painter and learns about his famous paint...


Trying to solve one of the great mysteries of the art world, our two intrepid detectives venture into Velasquez’s greatest painting, “Las Meninas.”Click Here...



Week of April 20 ---

Cans bear
I heart lion


Grades 4-6


 automatism demo video for 4th -6th grade with optional slide presentation

attached below.


Surrealism and the Monsters of Miro

Week of April 13 ---


Digital art  activities for students



Hands on for students

 This link contains multiple links websites for all ages


The Kennedy-center site has theater activities, music activities, visual art activities, and literary art activities. It is such a fun site. I highly recommend the daily challenge!


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