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Cafeteria Program Introduction

Welcome to the Enterprise School District Cafeteria & Nutrition Program information page.

school lunch items

Our district participates in the Federal and State Surplus Commodities program which requires two balanced meals with minimum or higher standards of nutrition. Our school takes part in the "Offer vs. Serve" program, which requires each student to choose at least three of the food items offered to them. We do try to encourage the students to eat all they have chosen. If there are certain foods which your child is not allowed to eat, please have your doctor send the list to school.

Breakfast and lunch are served on all scheduled school days.  On regular Fridays - there is no school - and therefore no breakfast or lunch.  If Friday school is in session, breakfast and lunch are served.  If school is dismissed at noon for any reason, there will be no lunch served that day. 

The cafeteria is open from 7:30 to 7:55 a.m. for those wishing to eat breakfast.  Please remember the first bell for grades K-3 is at 7:50 and for grades 4-6 is 7:55, so please plan your breakfast attendance accordingly.

Milk is available for purchase by children who bring their lunch and is served with each hot lunch and breakfast.

USDA and this institution are equal opportunity providers and employers.

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