September 14th "New Start, New Beginning"

Great job students and parents!  What a blessing to be back in school with students on site and eager to learn.  Thank you to all those involved in creating our Blueprint to negotiate this reopening with our governor.  It has been such a relief to be in the classroom teaching and exciting to see how quickly students have adjusted to the distancing, mask wearing, sanitizing guidelines that we now follow throughout the day.  Everyone has been positive as we transition back to a new start with many new beginnings.  Thank you to Dr. Powers for taking the time to come visit classes at Enterprise Elementary, answering questions and educating us on the impact of living healthy for a healthy tomorrow.  We are ready for the challenge!  We also appreciate Amy Stangel and her willingness to coordinate Second Steps once again this year for our K-6 classes.  Thank you for the wonderful color posters she provided to help support mental health and the cool red water bottles.  The awesome nametags that Amy spoiled us with  brightened the desk tops and are handy for quick references, while problem solving in math.   We truly are fortunate to have so many wonderful people in our community constantly stepping up and giving back to our schools.  Our focus in science has been to move away from having a fixed mindset to that of a growth mindset when tackling challenges academically, mentally, and socially.  We're hoping to learn with a growth mindset this year and really strive to train the brain to embrace the "I CAN" attitude regardless of the challenges we face.  Like our protagonist, Minli, in Where The Mountain Meets The Moon, we hope to find fortune for ourselves along the way in our learning adventure.  That fortune may come in a variety of new ways that hopefully brings us happiness in the end......

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