April 23 Blog

So proud of the outstanding results I am seeing in students' work!  Study Island math, science, social studies, ELA, and writing assignments are challenging.  Problem solving and critical thinking skills are busy at work in this distance learning program.  Love that my students are showing integrity in their work and persevering, even though we will only be giving a pass or incomplete in each of our subjects for 4th quarter grades and not letter grades.  I enjoyed the essays I received on water conservation and suggestions for dealing with the COVID-19 concerns.  These were some of the issues highlighted.  Having less than 1% of the Earth's total water available for human consumption was a good reminder for us all that being good stewards and using water wisely is important, regardless of where we live in the world.  As for the Corona Virus, students agreed that finding a cure would be nice.  In the meantime everyone should find ways to play outside and have fun during this difficult time, getting plenty of exercise and trying not to get fat.  Many students felt the Corona is not a big problem here in Wallowa County and are thankful to live where we live.  One student, Vincent Finlayson, summed it up nicely, "Hopefully in the end it turns out good in the end and our lives become better after this is all over."  Let's continue to be the positive influence in the midst of our changing and somewhat challenging circumstances.  😍

April 13th Blog

Enjoyed my Easter weekend!  Hope you did too.  Looking forward to seeing the results of our Study Island assignments.  Be sure to carefully save the session at the end of each assignment while working in Study Island.  If you feel Study Island did not save your completed assignment, text or message me and tell me which assignment was not correctly saved/submitted.  We will keep trouble shooting and I will try to give you credit for your efforts even if the program is not cooperating.  Be sure and finish up your 2 essays on water conservation and what you would do if in charge of helping deal with the Corona Virus.  Please, let me know, text or message when you are done with all of your first Study Island assignments.  Thanks for claiming the PE shoes and arranging to pick up your personal belongings.  Have a fabulous week!  Enjoy the sunshine and working from home........   

April 9th Blog

So proud of students for their excellent effort this week working through Study Island Lessons &  Assignments.   This is tough stuff and students persevered to log a total of 2,740 minutes!  Many excellent scores and attempts at Doing Their Best!  Thank you to parents for your constant support and help making all this happen.  You have some exceptional children that are a blessing to us all.  Sadly, it looks like returning to our classroom setting is not an option, so we will continue to work on improving our long distance learning options for all.  Just keep a Growth Mindset  and if you're not sure what that means ask your kiddo or google it.  We are all on this journey together and learning new important life lessons along the way even if it gets a bit bumpy at times.  Have a blessed Easter weekend!  Hope you can all find things to be thankful for and find joy and peace in the simple things we often take for granted. 

 😁 Mrs. Yost

April 6th Blog

Thank you parents and students for working hard to figure out this distance learning option using Study Island.  Please do your best to complete lessons and assignments for writing, math, ELA, science, and social studies.  The science is a pretest and diagnostic test, so there is no lesson to help with this.  Don't panic if you find these assignments very difficult and are unable to earn a 70%.  Just Do Your Best!  This first week of assignments gives me a place to start and see how every student does right now.  I hope to modify and improve assignments and number of problems given as time goes on to better fit different learning styles.  We are currently using Study Island, but looking at using google classroom, some worksheets, and other online resources as time goes on.  Please, be patient with yourself and don't get discouraged if your final percentage is lower than you'd like as you progress thru assignments.   Just Do Your Best!!  Looking forward to checking on results as the week goes on and will try and update my blog Thursday as to where we are headed next week with possibly some new assignments, as needed.  Feel free to call or text me, parents or students, if you have any questions or concerns.  Feel free to message me in Study Island too.


Donna Yost 


Blog 1

This is my first blog!  I will be posting assignments on Wednesday, April 1st using Study Island for math, language arts, writing, science, and social studies.  Please, continue to check my blog for updates on enrichment learning opportunities.  If you are unable to access Study Island at home, please contact the school at 426-3812 and let Sandy know.  Thank you for your patience.  Looking forward to making progress in a positive direction with our distance learning program.


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