What a wonderful first week!

                                 Mrs. Evans Weekly Newsletter

                                    August 30-September 2

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What a wonderful first week it has been.  I feel very fortunate to be able to have such special children in this class.

Ask your child:

  • To name 2 friends they made this week.
  • To tell you about the gingerbread hunt they went on around the school.
  • What does it mean when the lights go off in the classroom?
  • To sing and sign the song a-g that goes “Aa “a” alligator, Bb “b” bear…” (Try your best. You can go to youtube Nellie Edge Sign language alphabet if they want practice.)

***Please don’t forget to sign and return the attached form (you can keep the newsletter) so that your child can earn 5 cents.

Memory Verse:

Every two weeks your child will be memorizing a memory verse.  We will learn a little bit about the person who quoted the verse.  The author for this and next weeks’ verse is by the one and only, Mrs. Evans!

“I like you for who you are on the outside.  I love you for the person you are on the inside.”

Future Dates:

  • Have fun with the homework. Please have it returned by Wed. Sept. 16

Heart Words:­  These are words we will be reading and learning by heart:

Love, You, A, I, SeePlease feel free to practice these at home.

Other:  Please bring in 1 stuffed animal next week (one that will fit in a back pack.) It will stay here for the week.  Have an absolutely wonderful weekend!  -Mrs. Evans


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