Flat Stanley Reports Begin

Mrs. Evans Weekly Newsletter

October 11-14

****Mrs. Evans favorite Christmas gift was a dollhouse that her parents built for her piece by piece up in the  attic.  :O)


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It has been a wonderful week.  Each kiddo made posters about where their Flat Stanley was sent to.   Come see their hard work in the hallway.

Ask your child:

  • Why did Christopher Columbus want to explore? (hint: to find riches) Did he mean to travel to America?  Where did he want to go? 
  • To air write the numbers 6,7,8, 9, 10 (Remember to always start at the top.)
  • What does “estimate” me? What did we estimate in the jar? (hint: pumpkins)
  • To sign the National Anthem. We learned the entire song this week, but feel free to go to YouTube and type in “National Anthem with Georgia” for more practice.

Memory Verse “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”  By Christopher Robin

Heart Words: Yes, No, It


  • Thank you for all the reading your kiddos have been doing! Remember to have them read 100 minutes by November 1 for a surprise on Nov. 2

If you look on the website and whisper to me the answer to this question, I will give you a surprise.  Question: What was Mrs. Evans favorite Christmas gift as a child.  www.enterpriseschool.org  and then go to district and then to staff blogs for fun class pictures!!!

  • October 28 – End of quarter 1 and first Evans Store!!!
  • 11/10– Veteran’s Day Celebration at 12:30 at the courthouse. Please spread the word!

11/4 Conferences – Parent Conferences.  No school.    

Have a wonderful weekend!


Dear Parents,                                                                   10/9/19

Veteran’s Day is approaching.  This is such an important day, I do not want it to just pass by.  I would love for kindergarten kiddos to honor and celebrate any individual who has served in the military in any way.

If your child happens to know a veteran, please let me know.  If there is someone who may be able to come to a celebration in which they are honored, please let me know also.

Have a great day,

Mrs. Evans

_____ Yes, I know veteran who would like an invitation to be honored and celebrated on Wednesday November 6. 

  • Child’s Name ________________
  • Honored individuals name ____________
  • Relation to kindergartener _____________

****We will send the invitation home with the child to give to the person to be honored.

_____ I do know a veteran, but they would not be able to come to the party.  However, this person who may appreciate a “thank you” card in the mail.

  • Child’s Name _______________
  • Honored individuals name ________________
  • Relation to kindergartener ________________
  • Honored individuals address: _____________________________________________________

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