February 14-17

Mrs. Evans Weekly Newsletter

February 14-17

Rain was made!!!

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(Masks taken down for smiles)

Another week has flown by!  I hope that your child always feels like they are #1 to me.  We continue to push forward on addition. 

Ask your Child:

  • In the story, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” who won? What was the prize for being the winner?
  • How is it possible for a penguin to swim in icy cold water?
  • How did their hand feel when it was put in ice water? How did it feel different when it was wrapped in “blubber?” (Crisc)o
  • What was new at the texture tub this week? (Magnets)
  • What is love? (hint: patient, kind, is not jea___, does not boa___, does not disho____ others)

Memory Verse: “ Love is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”

Future Dates: 

  • March 21-25 Spring Break
  • April 7 – Parent Conference
  • April 15 – Snow make-up day


  • Homework: Your child’s report will be the last homework assignment until April. Have fun, kiddos!  It’s your time to shine!!  (All the information will come home next Monday.)
  • Up, Down, Come, Here: Extra words we will focus on.

Have a great weekend, Mrs. Evans

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