Wonderful Father's Day Celebration!

Mrs. Evans Weekly Newsletter

April 11-14

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It has been a wonderful week.  We are continuing to learn the “Pledge of Allegiance” in sign language.  (You will see this at graduation.)  We are also working hard for the Mother’s Day Tea on May 4.

Ask Your Child:

  • In the story, “The Big Birthday Surprise”, by Dave Ramsey, what did Junior decide to do with the special gift he received from his grandmother? Why did he do this? How did it make his new friend at the orphanage feel?
  • If you were given a surprise gift like Junior ($100), what is one way you could use some of that money to help others?
  • Describe how you dissected a flower when Lindsey Jones was here. Do you remember the parts of the flower you investigated? (Petal, Stamen, Sepal, Pistol.)
  • What is one important reason for a plant to have roots? What happened when Mrs. Evans brought a plant that did not have roots?

Memory Verse: “Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway.” by John Wayne

Future Dates:

  • End of the Year Party/Graduation: Wednesday June 1 at 2:15.
  •  May 4: Mother’s Day Party May 4 in the kindergarten Classroom.  
  • End of the year field trip - We will be going to the Fish Hatchery, singing at the Alpine House, and having a picnic at Joseph Park. (More info to come)
  • Final Evans Store – May


Have an absolutely wonderful weekend!!! –Mrs. Evans  (check out weekly pictures at enterpriseschool.org)

#3 Spelling Test – Next Thursday

  • Have
  • Is
  • This
  • Boy
  • And
  • No
  • Thank
  • Yes
  • Dear
  • End
  • The


  • Rabbit
  • Bird

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