The caterpillars are here!

Mrs. Evans Weekly Newsletter

April 19-22

Mrs. Evans first dog was named "Ellie."  Mrs. Evans, her husband, and Ellie liked to play "hide and seek" together.  (She could sniff us out every time!)

I am looking so forward to May!  We will be putting what we have been learning about money to use.  This week we began discussing wants vs. needs, learning about ways to “earn” money rather than just asking mom and dad, and ways we can give an organization that could use a little extra support.  Please see the attached papers (Parent help needed, please.)

  IMG 7514

IMG 7513 copy

Ask Your Child:

  • In the book, “The Super Red Racer” by Dave Ramsey, what did dad say was the best place to go if you want something, but don’t have the money? (hint: work) Do you think dad should have just given Junior $89 for the Red Racer? Why or why not?
  • How many real legs does a caterpillar have? What are the other legs called? (answer: prolegs)
  • What is a caterpillar’s first food? (answer: the egg it hatches from.)
  • Show with your arms how much Mrs. Evans cares for you.

Memory Verse: “Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway.” by John Wayne

Future Dates:

  • End of the Year Party/Graduation: June 1 @ 2:15 in the cafeteria. Each child will be honored in a special way, so please, everyone, come.
  • Wednesday May 4: Mother’s Day Tea at 2:15 in the classroom

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend!  You are all amazing!!!!  -Mrs. Evans

Spelling Words List #4 

  • For
  • At
  • Be
  • Said
  • With
  • Play
  • Girl
  • She
  • Am
  • On
  • Challenge Words: Together, Tomorrow

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