Another wonderful week!

Mrs. Evans Weekly Newsletter

May 9-12

Thank you so much for supporting Creating Memories!    Because of your generosity, our class earned $829!!!!

Ask Your Child:

  • To think of 3 words to describe Miss Trunchbull (the Headmistress in the book “Matilda”.) How is her personality different from Miss Honey?
  • To teach your family how to play “Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar?” Can you play it together as a family?
  • What are 3 ways to ultimate success?
  • What does the word “camouflage” mean? Where were at least 5 places a butterfly was camouflaged around the room?

Memory Verse:  And our final memory verse of the year, “Treat everyone like it’s their birthday!”

Future Dates:

  • End of the Year Party/Graduation: June 1@ 2:15 in the cafeteria
  • May 17 – End of the year field trip.
  • May 19 - Spring Concert
  • May 24 – Field trip to Creating Memories

Have a wonderful weekend,   Mrs. Evans

Spelling Test #7











***Some of these words are not heart words, but are words often used.  :O)  This will be our final spelling test.

Challenge:  They can choose a word or 2 that they like that they want to learn.  This will be their challenge words.  I will be excited next Wednesday to see what words you chose to challenge yourself with!


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