Only 2 weeks left!


Mrs. Evans Weekly Newsletter

May 24-27

Even with only a couple weeks left, we are still going strong!  This week, your children began learning about clocks and telling time.  “The Grouchy Ladybug” book helped us each day with our learning.

Ask Your Child:

  • In the story “Matilda”, what can Matilda do with her eyes? (hint: Think of the glass)
  • To use at least 3 words to describe Miss Honey’s house. How is this different from the house Matilda lives in?
  • How can a sphere be made into a circle? (think of the orange)
  • What can a flat rectangle make when it is taped together?
  • What shape did a flat circle turn into? (hint: think of Snuffles roof.)
  • Can you show an adult how to make a rectangle into a cylinder and a circle into a cone (Remember you need to make a cut ½ way in order for this to work well)…only if you have time.

Memory Verse:  And our final memory verse of the year, “Treat everyone like it’s their birthday!”


Have a wonderful long weekend!!!



Future Dates:

There is so much going on, that I thought I would try and organize it for you, the best that I can.

  • May 30: Memorial Day – No School - There is school that Friday, June 3.
  • June 1: Kindergarten Graduation: 2:15 in the school cafeteria.
  • June 2: Rocket Launch at the baseball field behind Safeway. We will be leaving the school at 8:45 am.  Wear good walking shoes and eat a big breakfast.
  • June 3: Decathlon: 12-3 – A time of fun games. Wear good shoes and activity clothes.
  • June 7Face Painting: Sssh…Don’t tell your children! As an end of the year gift from me, we will have a face painter come to our room and paint every child’s face.  If this is something that you do not want your child to participate in, please let me know.
  • June 9: Last Day: Buses leave at 12:00

Last Day of school:

Lunch will not be served, but we will be having a fun time in Mrs. Evans room.  Please bring a sack lunch and a sleeping bag or blanket if you have one.  Your child may also bring a game to play or a book to read, as well as 1 stuffed animal if they want.

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