What's Up In December

Reading-  We are about to start our second book report. Students will see samples of what I expect for this book report. We will talk about what makes a “good” book report and how they can achieve this goal. Then students should be all set! Class time is given DAILY to work on this project. So students need to bring their materials to class each day so they do not lose points.

Math- Ask your child what probability means. We had some fun with CANDYCANE MATH to learn all about probability. Students are making great progress with ROCKET MATH. Be sure to ask your child what level they are on. They should at least be on subtraction letter X.  

   We have also been using our ipads to problem solve. This will help us prepare for the math Smarter Balance tests this spring.

 Writing- We continue to do our daily edits We have been working on writing complete paragraphs, knowing when to indent, and writing with details.  

Science- We had a great time with our 6th grade Study Buddies! Our classes teamed up for a week long simple machine science unit. This was awesome hands-pm science fun!

 Across the grades levels- In case you did not know it…. the third graders work with students in other classes. They are the “teachers when we help the kindergarten classes with their math skills. They are also the helpers once a week when we meet with the 2nd grade for our Math Mini lessons. Then on Wednesdays the 6th graders are the teachers as they help the third graders with math and computer skills.   It is amazing to see how productive these third graders are with other classes. What a positive experience for everyone!   This crew just  LOVES WORKING WITH Mrs. Knifong, Mrs. Otten, and Mrs Evans

Practice At Home- MULTIPLICATION FACTS… Knowing these facts ahead of time will help your student tremendously.   Practice them at home a few minutes a night. It WILL help! (start with 0,1,2,5 facts)

Just To Let You Know-

PAY IT FORWARD! That is our motto for Christmas this year. The gifts have been purchased. Thanks to B. and her “gift wrapping station” each student will wrap their gift this week. So, the pressure is off you parents to find and wrap a class gift! YEA! The class Christmas party will be at the end of the day on December 20th

Believe it or not we are nearly at report card time.   In mid-January I will be averaging grades. Many students need to remember to do their corrections if they earn a D or F grade on an assignment. If your child has more than 30 minutes of homework a night they are not using their class time wisely.

Thank you to B., Shari Pollard, and Gail Hillock for all of your help. I appreciate you helping in our classroom! J

Communication between parents and teachers is critical in order to have success. THANK YOU PARENTS for all of the positive communication.


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