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About SafeOregon

Enterprise School District has joined Oregon’s statewide school safety tip line, called SafeOregon. This tip line link is found on our district website throughout this section. School administrators are trained on the system use.

This is a new resource funded by the Oregon Legislature as part of a statewide effort to improve school safety. SafeOregon tip line is a place to report safety concerns such as threats, violence, bullying, drugs, self-harm, or cyber-bullying. This is another tool to use to help increase school safety. The safety tools include:

911: Use 911 to report an emergency.  SafeOregon does not replace 911.

Talk: If it’s not an emergency, talk to a trusted adult such as a parent, school teacher, principal, counselor, coach, school resource officer, or another school staff member about your concerns.

Tip line: Use the SafeOregon Tip Line. SafeOregon is a statewide secure place for students, parents, staff, and others to confidentially share information of a potential threat to school or student safety. Trained staff are available at SafeOregon on the toll free line and by email 24/7/365.

Online: www.safeoregon.com

Text or Call: 844-472-3367

Mobile App: iTunes or Google Play


The Oregon Department of Education encourages schools to join SafeOregon, a school safety tip line program available to all PK-12 schools. SafeOregon is a way for students, staff or other members of the public to confidentially report and share information about a risk or a potential risk to student safety.

SafeOregon is designed to encourage Oregon students to share and respond to anything that poses a risk to their safety or the safety of others, anything that makes a student feel unsafe or if a student knows someone who feels unsafe.  For more information, please visit safeoregon.com. The resource page has more information for students and families.


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