Enterprise Sixth Grade

    Enterprise Sixth Graders had an awesome 2021!  The class worked hard to earn high grades during quarter one and sell butter braids to raise money for our field trip in May.  Thank you to all those that supported this fundraiser.  Hope you enjoyed your butter braid pastries over the holidays.  We are looking forward to a K-12 Talent Show on March 2nd.  Our field trip to Newport is scheduled for May 12-14.  So thankful to be in Enterprise enjoying the talented class that seems to shine in all areas.  Looking forward to the adventures ahead in 2022! 

September 14th "New Start, New Beginning"

Great job students and parents!  What a blessing to be back in school with students on site and eager to learn.  Thank you to all those involved in creating our Blueprint to negotiate this reopening with our governor.  It has been such a relief to be in the classroom teaching and exciting to see how quickly students have adjusted to the distancing, mask wearing, sanitizing guidelines that we now follow throughout the day.  Everyone has been positive as we transition back to a new start with many new beginnings.  Thank you to Dr. Powers for taking the time to come visit classes at Enterprise Elementary, answering questions and educating us on the impact of living healthy for a healthy tomorrow.  We are ready for the challenge!  We also appreciate Amy Stangel and her willingness to coordinate Second Steps once again this year for our K-6 classes.  Thank you for the wonderful color posters she provided to help support mental health and the cool red water bottles.  The awesome nametags that Amy spoiled us with  brightened the desk tops and are handy for quick references, while problem solving in math.   We truly are fortunate to have so many wonderful people in our community constantly stepping up and giving back to our schools.  Our focus in science has been to move away from having a fixed mindset to that of a growth mindset when tackling challenges academically, mentally, and socially.  We're hoping to learn with a growth mindset this year and really strive to train the brain to embrace the "I CAN" attitude regardless of the challenges we face.  Like our protagonist, Minli, in Where The Mountain Meets The Moon, we hope to find fortune for ourselves along the way in our learning adventure.  That fortune may come in a variety of new ways that hopefully brings us happiness in the end......

June 4 Blog

We are down to only 4 more school days!  Our distance learning experience is quickly coming to an end.  Great job students, parents, and support teachers!  We couldn't have accomplished this new phase of learning without cooperation, hard work, and patience from all involved.  Hopefully, we can move forward more experienced, thankful, and not afraid to try new things as challenges are sure to occur thru life.  Thanks for persevering to read the chapter book, One Crazy Summer, getting thru 33 chapters of what it might have been like to be living among the Black Panthers in Oakland, CA in 1968.  Hope you too can find ways to enjoy your summer and have positive, memorable experiences to look back on after surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic.

May 14 Blog

Hard to believe we only have 4 weeks left of this school year!  Technology has allowed us to move forward in a positive direction becoming more familiar with Google options and Study Island.  It definitely doesn't replace the traditional classroom setting, but allows many forms of learning to continue to exist and hopefully make us more appreciative of each other.  We are the future and the future is yet to be written.....We are the authors of what will be.  This unexpected turn of events has pushed us to try new things and venture into a new classroom.  We are blessed to live in a safe and supportive  community.  Parents have been receptive to the distance learning programs and students have been willing to DO THEIR BEST!   Even though frustration has surfaced at times, in the end we are all learning new ways to deal with adversity, and we are blessed to be living in Wallowa County.    

April 30 Blog

Students did a great job this week successfully navigating our google classroom, gmail and meet options.  We had our first class meetings Tuesday and Thursday discussing our current experiences and reflections on our chapter book, One Crazy Summer.  We decided to keep meeting Tuesday/Thursday at 10am.  Students are a bit perplexed in our book that Cecile is not the loving mother that her daughters Delphine, Vonetta and Fern hoped to find after flying from New York to Oakland, California in 1968 to spend the summer with their mother after not seeing her for seven years.  Instead, the sisters are thrown into learning about their African American heritage in the midst of the Black Panther organization and the civil rights movement.   

Parents, thanks for your help supporting your kiddos in this challenging time.  

Way to go students on your determination and effort to keep a positive outlook and press on!


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